Water Features

The sound of water is one of the most calming and tranquil of sounds. Water features add a certain peacfulness to any space.  Water features come in many shapes and sizes.




Water falls can range from large drops of 5 feet or more down to small falls dropping only a few inches.

The example to the left has about a 4 foot drop over a distance of about 8 feet.

Another attractive feature of this picture is the addition of a pondless water catch basin.





This is the basic concept for the pondless waterfall design.

The water is stored under ground away from animals, light, bugs and people.

The pump is set in the bottom of the catch basin and sends the water to the top of your waterfall or water feature.

A small area around the catch basin is covered with a water tight black rubber sheet.

On top of the rubber sheet, decorative rocks or a rock river can be placed to hide the rubber and the catch basin.




Pre made fountains are also available and can often be chosen from local pottery and masonary shops.









There are also a variety of specialized rocks that bubble water from the tops and sides.