Ornimental Grasses


Picture Common Name/ Botanical Name Description Water Needs


Cortaderia selloana

Ht. 8-20' Spread 4-10'

Flower: Snowy white fuzzy plume.

Leaf: Medium green, long slender.

Zone 7-11

Full sun.

Takes driest to the wettest soil.

Water use: Medium

Blue Fescue


'Elijah's Blue'

Ht. 8-12 Spread 8-12 Forms rounded mounds.

Flower: Bluish-green spikes standing above foliage.

Leaf: Icy-blue, slender, wiry.

Full sun to partial shade.

Cannot tolerate foot traffic. Evergreen, clump grass to 4-8 with finely textured striking, blue foliage.

Good for use as a groundcover, accent or border. Takes sun or partial shade.

Little to moderate water. 

Pink Cloud Deergrass

Muhlenbergia capillaris


Ht. 3' Spread 3'

Flower: Mass of misty pink spikes; very filmy-looking.

Leaf: Glossy, dark green, slender. More evergreen in lower deserts.

Full sun to light shade. Blooms best in sun.

Drought tolerant. Tolerates wind.

When in bloom this fine-bladed grass displays a filmy, fine cloud of misty pink plumes. Is evergreen in warmer areas.

Water use: Low to Medium.

Purple Fountaingrass

Pennisetum setaceum


Ht. 3-4' (foliage) Spread 3-4' Graceful, arching clump.

Flower: Red-purple plumes, 8-12 long x 1 wide, held 2' above foliage. June.

Leaf: Purple, 1/2 wide, 1-3' long.  

Full sun.

Regular water, well-drained soil.

Water use: Low to Medium.

Golden Bamboo

Phyllostachys aurea

Ht.6-15' Spread 5-10' Dense, grassy hedge.

Leaf: Long, slender, green. Stem: Erect, stiff culms that are gold in color.

 Hardy to 0°F

Full sun to partial shade.

This bamboo with its dense foliage and stiff stems makes a great hedge. Wonderful plant to grow in a tub for your patio

Water use: Low to Medium.

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