Ground Covers

Ground cover plants come in several sizes and colors. Most will stay green through out the year, but some will die back and go dormant for the winter months.

Most ground covers have vibrant Spring and Summer flowers in a variety of colors including yellows, pinks, deep purples, lavendars and reds.

Picture Common name/Botanical name Description Water Needs












Yellow and Pink Iceplant

Delosperma nubigenum and Cooperi

Ht. 2- 6 inches

Spread: up to 2 feet

Flower: Small Yellow flowers blooming in early to late spring

Leaves: Light green

Full sun

The hardy Ice Plants are native to South Africa but are amazingly hardy in North America, provided they are grown in very well-drained soil. This species forms a low mat of succulent, evergreen leaves, bearing loads of small starry yellow flowers in late spring. A great choice for hot, dry areas.

Water use: low to medium

Confetti lantana

 Lantana camara

Ht.: 1 - 3 feet

Spread: 5 - 8 feet

Flower: clusters of yellow, pink, purple and red

Leaves: dark green and very aromatic

Full sun

Confettii Lantana will bloom late spring to fall and has an upright growth habit. The foliage is very aromatic and can irritate the skin of some people. Confetti Lantana should be spaced every 24-36″ when planting.

Water use: low to medium

New Gold Lantana

Lantana x hybrida

'New Gold'

Height 2 feet

Spread 4 feet wide

Full sun

Flower: Yellow  blooming from Spring till frost

Drought tolerant, heat loving, low maintenance annual with a wealth of golden yellow flowers. Reduced fruit set promotes prolific blooming spring till frost. Deer tolerant. A very adaptable and popular annual.

Water use: low to medium

Mexican Primrose

 Oenothera berlandieri

Height: 12 - 18 inches

Spread: 2 -3 fee per year, continually spreading

Full sun

Flowers: small pink and purple teacup shaped

Mexican Evening Primrose is a gorgeous accent plant in the spring and summer months. It can be used as a border plant, bedding plant, an under-plant, along fences, walkways, in containers, or in rock gardens. It can be used as a ground cover but not recommended since it is not attractive all year long in most climates. 

Water use: Low

Indian Chief Sedum

hylotelephium spectabile

Ht: 1.5 to 2 feet Spread: 1.5 to 2 feet
Bloom Time: August to October
Bloom Description: Coppery pink aging to coppery red
Sun: Full sun
Tolerate: Drought, Dry Soil, Shallow-Rocky Soil
Water use: low to medium

Edith Verbena  

Verbena tenuisecta


Ht: 6 inch  Spread: 6 - 12 inch

Bloom: purple and white from june to october

full sun

Abundant clusters of lilac-pink flowers float above the finely disected leaves. 'Edith' is one of the few annuals to tolerate both light frost and infernal heat

Water use: medium

Big leaf Periwinkle

Vinca major

Ht: 6-12 inch spread: spreads with age

Blooms: purple to violet

Shade tolerant

Vinca major is a trailing vine, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form dense masses of groundcover

Water use: medium

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