Bushes and Shrubs


 Pictures Common Name/ Botanical Name Description Water Needs


Red Leaf Barberry

Berberis thunbergii


Ht. 4-6' Spread: 4-6' Dense, rounded shrub.

Flower: Insignificant, small yellow in spring.

Leaf: Bronzy-red to purplish-red all summer. Deciduous.

Very hardy to -20 degrees

Full sun to light shade. Needs sun for color.

Moderate water. Drought tolerant once established.


Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii 

'Black Knight'


Ht. 6-12' Spread 4-8'

Flower: deep violet-purple w/ orange center

Leaf: green

Full sun

Best in full sun to partial shade.

Deciduous shrub produces fast growth each spring. The long tapering leaves are green on top, and a felt-like white underneath. The tiny, fragrant flowers appear in narrow 6-12 clusters at branch tips in mid-summer. Flowers are very dark purple.

Water use: 

Little to moderate water . . . Medium. 

Desert Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii,


Ht. 5-10' Spread 4-6' Rapid growing small tree or large shrub.

Flower: Yellow w/ showy bright red stamens 4-5 long. Clusters at branch tips.

Leaf: Green with many fine leaflets. Deciduous. Spineless branches.

Full sun.

Drought tolerant - Infrequent, deep watering.


Chrysactinia mexicana

Ht. 1-2' Spread 2'. Plant forms a globe.

Flower: Bright yellow, daisy-like.

Leaf: Light green, short & slender.

Best in full sun.

This beautiful desert shrub would be a great addition to any xeriscape.

The low, rounded clumps are covered by bright yellow daisy-like flowers all summer.


Water use: Low to medium. 

Drought tolerant. . . . 

Rock Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster horizontalis

Ht. 2-3' Spread: to 15'

Flower: Small, pink. Bright red berries.

Leaf: Small, round, shiny green. Orange to red in fall.

Full sun to light shade.

. . . . Best in full to partial sun.

Low, spreading shrub is very effective when given plenty of room. Stiff, horizontal branches are set in a herringbone pattern.

Water use: Low to Medium. 

Parneyi Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster parneyi

Ht. 6-10' Spread 6-10'

Flower: Small, white.

Leaf: Green. Bronze through winter. Evergreen.

Full sun

A graceful arching semi-evergreen shrub growing to approximately 8' tall. The white flowers in spring contrast nicely with the dark green foliage. Develops a fall crop of long lasting red fruit that will attract song birds to your garden.

Water use: Low to Medium  

Purple Smoketree

cotinus cogygria

'royal purple'

Ht. 10'-15'  Spread: 8'-12'

Flower: pink puffs

Foliage: dark green to purple turning burnt orange and red in autumn

Full sun to partial shade

This shrub or small tree has stunning dark red-purple foliage that turns scarlet in autumn. It has plume-like seed clusters, which appear after the flowers and give a long-lasting, smoky haze to branch tips.

Water use: medium

Manhattan Euonymus

Euonymus Kiaut.


Ht. 4-6' Spread: 3-6'

Flower: White and inconspicuous

Leaf: Deep green and waxy

Full sun

Quick growing. Good for making hedges

Water needs: Medium
Golden Euonymus
Euonymus japonicus

Ht. 4-6' Spread: 3-6'

Flower: White and inconspicuous

Leaf: Deep green and yellow

Full sun

Quick growing. Good for making hedges

Water use: Medium

Apache Plume

Fallugia paradoxa

Ht. 4-6' Spread 4-6'

Flower: White, like single rose. Blooms April-May. Clusters of pink, feathery fruit

Leaf: Small, clustered, lobed. Green on top, rusty on bottom. Partially evergreen.

Full sun.

Needs gritty, well-drained soil. 

Slender, whitish branches sparsely covered with small, deeply-lobed, sage green leaves form this densely twiggy, mounding shrub.

Water use: Very low

New Mexico Privet

Forestiera neomexicana

Ht. 10-18' Spread 10-15' Fairly fast growing.

Flower: Yellow-green, negligible. Fruit: 1/4 long, blue-black.

Leaf: Smooth, medium green, 1-2 long.

Good screen for arid regions

Moderate to fast growing deciduous shrub or multi-branched tree grows 8'-15' in height.

The smooth, light tan trunk is attractive.

Drought tolerant; grows faster with some water. 

Beatrix Farrand Forsythia

Forsythia x intermedia

'Beatrix Farrand'

Ht. 8-10' Spread 8-10' Upright, rounded shrub.

Flower: Large, golden yellow w/ orange markings. Blooms Feb.-April.

Leaf: Green.

Best is full sun.

Vigorous growing shrub 4-5' tall with an upright, symmetrical growth habit. Produces large, 2 to 2-1/2 golden yellow flowers with orange markings in early spring.

Water use: Low to Medium 

Red Yucca

Hesperaloe parviflora

Ht. 3-4' Spread 4-6'

Flower: Pink to red or yellow, bell-shaped, 11/4 long, on stalks 3-6' tall.

Leaf: Narrow arching, tough & stiff, with marginal fibers. Grasslike clump.Very frost tolerant.

Red Yucca is a Texas Native Plant seen in the western portions of the Edwards Plateau. Hesperaloe parvifolia is not a true Yucca although it does look very similar to Yucca and can be used in the landscape in the same ways. Red Yucca has thick sword shaped recurved gray-green foliage. Red Yucca blooms starting spring and keeps going until early fall. The flowers are more pink or salmon in color, these are borne on tall spikes, are tubular in shape and do a great job of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies into the garden.

Water helps the growth and fullness of the plant.

Drought tolerant.

Rose-of Sharon

Aphrodite Althea

Hibiscus syr. 'Aphrodite'

Ht. 8-12 ft. Spread 6-10 ft. Upright shrub.

Single flower, large pink flower with prominent burgundy red eye. July til frost.

Leaf: Green.

Full sun.

well-drained soil.

Regular water

Dwf Yaupon Holly

Ilex vomitoria 


Ht. 11/2' Spread 3' Formal when sheared.

Tiny red berries.

Leaf: Narrow, 1 long, dark green.

Sun to shade.

Tolerates alkaline soils better than other hollies.

Dwarf yaupon holly with its tiny red berries and small dark green leaves makes an excellent accent plant. Use in a formal setting when sheared. Tolerates alkaline soils better than other hollies.

Regular water. 

Broadmoor Juniper

Juniperus sabina


Ht. 12-18 Spread 4-7' Dense mounding form. Low spreader.

Leaf: Dark green. Spreading branches grow up from center, then fall to ground.

Zone 3 Hardy to 8000'.

Full sun to filtered shade.

Medium water

Drought tolerant once established.

Blue Chip Juniper

Juniperus horizontalis

'Blue Chip'

Ht. 10-12 Spread 3-5' Prostrate, compact, needs little shearing. Moderate.

Leaf: Silvery blue.

Full sun to light shade.

Little water once established. Best in full sun.

Low-growing, spreading shrub is slightly mounded. Grows 8-12 tall by 5-6' wide. Outstanding, slate blue color has a purple cast in winter. Makes an extremely attractive and useful ground or bank cover.

Water use: Very low

 Crape Myrtle


Ht. 8' Spread 6' Moderate-growing shrub. Mildew-resistant.

Flower: Large, clear pink, purple, red or white clusters.

Leaf: Bronzy in spring; bright green in summer; orange-red in fall. Glossy.

Full sun.

Occasional water once established.

Regular Water

Texas Sage


Ht. 6' Spread 6'

Flower: Lavender-purple, open bell shape.

Leaf: Green to siver

Full sun.

Water use: Medium to low.

Drought tolerant.

Japanese Ligustrum

Ligustrum japonicum

Ht. 6-12'  Spread: 6'

Flower: clusters of white

Leaf: deep to medium green

Full sun

Water use: Low to Medium


Nandina domestica

Ht. 6-8' Spread 3-5' Upright shrub from many canes. Slow to moderate.

Flower: Pinkish-white to creamy 6-12 clusters. Red berries follow.

Leaf: New leaves pink to red, green in summer, bronze to crimson in fall.

 Loses leaves at 10°F; killed to ground at 5°F.

Full sun to shade; colors better in sun. Needs some shade in desert heat.

Drought tolerant; best with regular water.


Nerium oleander

Ht. 6-12' Spread 6-12' Moderate to fast growth.

Flower: Red, pink white and cream.

Leaf: Dark green, lanceolate. Plant parts are toxic

Full sun to partial shade. Best in heat and strong light.

Little or no water once established.

An erect, dense growing shrub reaching 10'-12' in height with a similar spread. Showy, dark red flowers appear in early summer and contrast nicely with the deep green, leathery leaves. Plant in a location that provides protection from harsh winter temps.

Water use: Medium to High

Russian sage

Perovskia atriplicifolia

Ht. 3-4' Spread 3-4' Multi-branched shrub.

Flower: Lavender-blue on many-branched, slender clusters forming a blue haze.

Leaf: Grey, finely cut lobes.

Compact, woody perennial shrub grows to 3 feet in height. The small, finely-toothed gray-green leaves are pleasantly aromatic. Delicate lavender flowers form a hazy mass above foliage.

Tolerates some drought once established.

Water use: Low to Medium

Indian Hawthorn


'Pink Lady'

Ht: 4-5' Wt: 4-6'

Flower: Deep pink in clusters. ('Clara' - white flowers)

Leaf: Glossy dark green; new leaves often bronze or red.

Full to partial sun

Best in full to partial sun.

Evergreen shrub that puts on a dazzling display of pink flowers covering the plant in spring to early summer. Can be shaped by trimming nearly any size and shape

Water use: Low to Medium

Smooth Sumac

Rhus glabra

Ht: 8-15' Wt: 8-10'

Flower: Greenish yellow, diocious, june-july, born in 6 - 10 long panicles

Leaf: Rich green, alternate, compound pinnate, 12-18 long

Fall color: yellow to red

Full to partial sun

This large shrub or small tree has deep green leaves that turn brilliant scarlet in the fall. Greenish flowers are followed by clusters of showy scarlet fruit that last well into the winter.

Water use: Medium



Ht: 5'       Wt: 4'

Flower: White, Red, Pink, Yellow, and multi colored.

Sweet fragrance.  

Leaf: Meduim glossy green      

Shrub rose.

Full sun

Water Use: Medium

Trailing Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis

Ht: 2-4' Wt: 2-4' Groundcover; good for cascading over walls.

Leaf: Dark green. Evergreen.

Flower: Light blue

Full Sun

Water use: Low to Medium

Cherry Sage

Salvia greggii

Ht. 3-4' Erect, bushy, shrub or woody perennial.

Flower: Red or yellow or purple or pink. Spring to late fall. Very fragrant.

Leaf: Medium green, fragrant.

Full sun to partial shade where hot.

Drought tolerant, well-drained soil.

A rounded shrub that can grow to 4 ft high and wide. Glossy green 1-inch leaves on hairy stems.

Red blooms appear throughout summer and fall. Will overwinter in Santa Fe through mild winters or in protected areas.

Water use: Low to Medium

Spanish Broom

Spartium junceum

Ht: 6-10' Spread 6-10'

Flower: Bright yellow, in clusters at the end of branches. Late spring to summer.

Leaf: Green. Many narrow, erect, nearly leafless stems.

Full sun

Fragrant yellow flowers decorate this woody shrub for most of summer. The green, nearly leafless stems create an austere look. This tough plant tolerates poor soil. Prefers light watering and full sun.

Water use: Low

Anthony Waterer Spiraea

Spiraea x b.

'Anthony Waterer'

Ht: 2-3' Spread: 2-3'

Flower: Rosy-pink, in clusters covering plant.

Leaf: New leaves reddish purple, old leaves bright green. Red to purple in fall.

Full sun to full shade

Regular to moderate water

Water use: Medium
Common Lilac Syringa vulgaris 

Ht: 8' - 12'     Spread: 6' - 10'

Flower: Dark green and leathery. 

Full Sun

Drought tolerant

Water use: Low to Medium